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Services Offered:

Uniquely personalized guidance tailored to you 


Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

Starting at $25.00 for 20 minutes

Prices tailored to the duration of the reading. Reach out for a personailzed quote. 

All based on the current energy and vibration that you are operating on, we will use a combination of Tarot and Oracle cards as a tool for self-discovery, empowerment, and confirmation from source (IE: your higher self, the universe,)

During this time you can expect to connect with your higher self to not only ask questions but explore different areas of your life that may need some clarity.  

Pendulum Guidance


During this service, you will be able to connect with the divine through means of a pendulum by asking "Yes" or "No" questions 

(5 question minimum) 

Reiki Healing

$60 for 30 minutes

$85 for 60 minutes

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing method that is delivered through the palms of the hands. The goal of Reiki is to not only clear but to balance the body's energy centers (also known as "Chakras") 

Services: Services

Reiki and Tarot combo

$75.00 for 45 minutes 

$100.00 for 75 minutes 

*Additional fees for additional time with either aspect 

With this service, we will combine the healing benefits of a Reiki session and the self-discovery elements of a Tarot Reading to not only gain a better understanding of blockages or imbalances within your energetic/physical life but to also address them best in order to feel fully aligned with you, your higher self, & source.  

Crystals 101 Personalized

$30.00 for 30 minutes

Interested in the benefits of crystals but are unsure which crystal would be the best for you or where to start? 

With this service, we are able to take the guesswork out of it all and determine which crystals are most beneficial to you in order for you to live your best life. Providing instructions on how to use them, when to use them, charge or cleanse them, & more.


*Price based on individual needs

Cord Cutting via Candles:

Feeling weighed down by a relationship from your past or present? One way to disconnect the energetic cords that bind you or could be holding you back on both conscious and subconscious levels is through a Cord Cutting ritual. 

Burning Bowl: Feeling stuck when it comes to certain situations? Trying to manifest a better tomorrow?

A Burning Bowl Ritual can help you release as well as assist in manifesting what you truly desire in life. 

Coming soon...

Palmistry (Palm Readings)

During this service, I will be examining and interpreting the lines within your hands in order to determine where you've been in this life as well as where you may be heading. 

Coming soon... 

Sound Healing via Crystal Bowls

Similar to Reiki but with a completely hands-off approach.

Sit back, relax, & enjoy the healing vibrations that crystal singing bowls can provide. 

By utilizing different frequencies, your chakras can be cleared & aligned by just listening. 

Coming soon... 

Astrological Natal Charts

Based on the date, time, & location that you were born we can take a look at what positions certain planets were in at that time. With that snapshot, we can dive deeper into who you are as a person, what you may experience in life, what lessons or blessings may be bestowed upon you, & more. 

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